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Exploring the Local Delicacies of Hải Châu

Located in Central Vietnam, the scenic city of Hải Châu is one of the oldest cities in the region and offers a wealth of local delicacies for visitors to try. With its beautiful beaches, traditional architecture and rich history, Hải Châu is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring the tastes of the region.

The most popular dish of Hải Châu is bún bò Huế, a spicy noodle soup served with beef, pork and shrimp. This classic dish is renowned for its vibrant red hue, created by cooking the soup with shrimp and pork bones which are colored with annatto. It is often enjoyed with a plate of fresh herbs such as Thai basil, sawtooth coriander and dill. Other popular dishes include bánh xèo – a light and crispy crepe prepared with pork, shrimp, mung bean and fragrant herbs – and cóm tấm, a hearty pork dish served with broken rice and lots of leafy vegetables.

Hải Châu is also well-known for its array of street snacks. Here, you can find traditional favorites such as bánh bèo, a savory steamed cake made with tapioca starch and a variety of toppings, and bánh cuốn, thin and delicate steamed rice rolls stuffed with ground pork and mushrooms. Other snacks include nem rán, deep-fried spring rolls with pork and mushrooms, and bánh nậm, chewy rice cakes filled with shrimp paste. For an indulgent dessert, locals also make bánh bột lọc, a steamed tapioca cake filled with lotus paste.

If you’re looking to explore the flavors of Hải Châu, head to the local markets for a selection of sweets such as sticky rice cakes coated with sesame and peanuts, and sweet rice dumplings in coconut milk. For something to drink, make sure to try the city’s famous trà chanh: a refreshing blend of tea and lime juice that is perfect to cool you down in the muggy summer months.

From hearty soups to decadent street snacks, Hải Châu is a foodie destination with something for everyone. If you’re planning on visiting the city soon, make sure to come hungry and explore the local delicacies on offer!

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